There are many books and videos that can help you cast love spells. But does love spells really work or are they just a fad? And if so, how do they work? I have read a lot of love spells books. Most spells designed for love are suitable for one of these situations:

To attract a generic partner

To attract a particular person

To lure your lost love back

The spell-casting process includes everything, from staring at a picture or person to whom you want to fall in Love, to carving your wish onto a candle and watching the flames go out while visualizing your future partner, to (warning! gross content coming soon) sneaking body fluids into your lover’s food and/or drink. There are many ways you can cast a love curse, but there’s one thing I have found that makes it work.

What is this extraordinary element? This element is Our Hidden Potential.

Deep down, our power is greater than we realize. You can be my guest and I will tell you the truth: Our destiny is created by what we think. (For more information, please watch “The Secret”. The more we visualize something, it’s more likely that it will occur. Visualization is a way to send a message out the universe. If you visualize something, it will re-align itself to get you what you want.

Why do you not love anyone? It’s because you don’t believe you’re attractive. Why did your lover leave you? You are feeling insecure and believe that your loved one would eventually leave you. It may not be as simple as this, but you get my point.

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You can make your love fall in for someone you love by simply closing your eyes. Feel the joy and happiness, feel your love. Look at the details. The two of them holding hands, walking on sand, the wind in their hair, and the sand beneath you feet. Doing this often enough will make it happen, believe it or not. This is “The Law of Attraction”.

Is it possible that love spells outlined in the book are bogus? sources from

One word: NO! Some love spells are effective. Many of these spells allow you to concentrate your energy and imagination towards achieving the results you want. It might be boring. You can just close your eyes and imagine. You will be able to use love spells that work if you believe in yourself.

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